Game of The Night: Clippers Fall Short 112–108 to the Nets

It is like music to my ears when all of a sudden, a 19–12 record goes against a 22–10 record. Both the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Clippers are 2nd in their respective conferences and it sounds like a melody in unison ready to riff apart, two teams looking to take the lead.

The game started and right away it didn’t disappoint. If you like 1 on 1 play, the players on both teams looked to show off as Kyrie Irving and James Harden looked unstoppable tonight. Even Kawhi Leonard and Paul George were unstoppable both racking up points to keep the game close.

The difference in tonight’s game was Deandre Jordan and his ability to control the paint. Reminded me of an old center from Los Angeles who dominated the front court. His double-double effort gave the Nets a lead in the waning seconds. But even before his tip-in basket that gave the Nets a 110–108 lead, his ability to defend on every player makes it difficult to try and get your offense to run smoothly. Sure, Leonard and George got whatever they wanted out there tonight. Leonard scored 29 and George 34 in a defensive game where Irving and Harden showed off their typical offensive arsenal as well.

With all that said, the game came down to the rest of the guys and even if they struggled from the field their was an opportunity for each team at the end to take the game. Somehow, the Nets found a way to win despite not having Kevin Durant and finish with a 6-game win streak.