Gambling on life

Don’t you feel like your ever wasting your time? When the things you enjoy doing don’t support you in doing what you do? That’s the point when you have to find something else to do. Being miserable is sometimes doing what your good at. Your so comfortable being great, there is nothing your getting out of it. The whole time I spent enjoying what I do, I was thinking of what I have to do tomorrow. I have to find a way to enjoy what I am doing while bettering myself for my future. Even if it’s finding the littlest thing that keeps me going. I never wanted to write strictly from my heart. When you want to make writing your profession you learn to separate what you love from what you earn a living from. I have to be critical about what I choose to write about. But now things get personal. My ways of doing things are no longer relevant. There is no safe way in expressing myself. So at that point I have to become what the majority has become. I have to gamble on life.

Watching this Clippers vs. warriors game, I am at a point where I am wasting my time. Andrew Wiggins, a former #1 draft pick, is now the 3 rd best guard on his team. The same way he has to adjust to his new role. I have to adjust to a lesser role. What I love the most about this season is how successful my favorite team is doing. But at my age, I look at them okay and notice I am wasting my time. Even if I feel like I can play, that is not where I make a living. I see dudes like Eric Paschall and realize he doesn’t even know his abilities. He holds himself back as he tries to play the game. The warriors statistically are one of the worst teams in the NBA. The clippers on the other hand. Have the reigning NBA finals MVP. Everybody believes Lou Williams is one of the best bench guards in the league. He can shoot the ball really well and is a spark that is needed off the bench. All this doesn’t do anything for me. But I know the the Warriors are better than their record. There are players on that team that are holding themselves back. This is why I watch the games. Because this is a serious game for the clippers. They play in the same city as the Los Angeles Lakers. There is no time to let up because even though they have the NBA reigning champ everyone can’t stop talking about the season Lebron James is having. There is just so many dark horses in the race for the NBA championship that I’m going to go for the team I favor. They have Jimmy Butler, and a bunch of rising stars and we are able to fly under the radar. If I was a gambling man, which I am not, I would bet on the Miami Heat. I get to watch them play and they just click and play very well together. It is called chemistry. We have it and we need to take it all the way into June. If we do not win, it really is just wasting your time. So what I choose to support, I will also make or invest in my time to make it count.